Clockwork Orange T-shirt

Selected le 18 February 2009 par Joe the "tire-remover"


The 4 figures of the misfit gang that feature “A Clockwork Orange” appear in this t-shirt based upon Anthony Burgess´ultraviolent fantasy filmed by Stanley Kubrick. Available in Orange/Black, White/Orange, Green/White, White/Pink

€16,20 from I Love Waterloo

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • Michelle

    I'm always a fan of the silhouette design style, and words, well they always do it for me big time, so you can imagine my thoughts on this t-shirt. I absolutely love it!

    The only problem for me is being a pale young(ish) thing, anything white on me makes me look like I should be in a coffin. Fingers crossed they do it in black..