Clae Powell

Last season I went for the Clae McQueen with its blue and red dots. For sping-summer 2013, the American brand still offers many original styles. The Powell is a sneaker inspired from the shape of an Oxford shoe. A part of the upper is made of canvas but just like traditional shoes the Powell features perforated leather toes. The rubber sole is decorated with serrations. All those details are giving the Powell this particular spirit which won’t leave people indifferent. I’m from ones who like them! And they went for a first ride with chinos and a parka, waiting for better days when they will greatly match shorts! I have picked them in my usual size. I wore them during our trip in Barcelona and walked a whole day with them, they are truely comfortable! Tested and approved!

clae powell

clae powell upper

clae powell tab

clae powell sole

clae powell worn

prix conseillé   €110

sur Clae

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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