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Fashion le 8 November 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Chercchi is a British brand who creates leather and wool bags and accessories. Far away from mass production and concerned by environmental issues, they are highly inspired by the cultural and creative heritage of their homeland, nevertheless their designs are uptaded to our times. All extremely sturdy, the bags, belts and accessories are all handmade in England with durable materials that Cherchbi locally and naturally develop by their own way.

Used to work with raw materials like vegetaly tanned leather, canvas, brass or pewter, Cherchbi has started to develop a very particular idea since 2007. The Herdwick is a 1000 year old, rare and intrepid mountain sheep which wool is nearly valueless (it burns easily). After long years of researchs, the final bench test has finally come to something interesting, and Cherchbi has mananaged to create something more than correct. A quality wool called Herdwich No 10. A new type of waterproof tweed “as robust as the Herdwick itself.”

From such a wool are created awesome bags and accessories. The whole collection worth a peep, a try, and even more! Unfortunately, quality has a price. For example, their Correspondent Satchel (a messenger bag) is priced £435. More information at

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