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A founding principle of this men’s fashion blog: better talk about what you know and what you’ve tested! You will find in this category all products we have tested, whether they are shoes, sneakers, shirts, accessories or customizations (shirts like suits)

Nike Toki ID

Here is something we should have tested a long time ago : ID shoes from Nike. A reminder for those who would not know : ID is a customizing option Nike proposes for some of their most popular styles. Each year the brand introduces new customizeable models. They recently set the option ON for the… Read more

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Folk Coat

le Thursday 19 January 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

It has been a while that I have been looking for a winter coat, I finally found something suiting my tastes from Folk. A brand we’ve been following for quite a long time and which quality is more than reliable, undoubtedly a sure bet! My demands were simple: 1- a warm coat for winter. 2-… Read more

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Norse Projects Crewneck

Long time no talk (I have been quite busy with the French sales these times)! Third item I have bought during the winter sales is this crewneck knit from Norse Projects. What’s cool with Yoox is: they always propose nice stuff you have missed from past seasons. The only trick is to dig the site,… Read more

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Bleu de Paname trousers

The following piece is my second sales pick. I have been watching these trousers from Bleu de Paname for a long time. “BDP” as we call it, is a brand we like to quote in our French Truck. Because this is the kind of brand that has a lot of creativity, a real indentity a… Read more

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Veja Indigenos High Camel

le Thursday 05 January 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

From today, I am going to show you guys my purchases since the begining of the winter sales. There is a complete outfit starting with this pair of Veja. It comes from the Indigenos collection resleased for AW10. I have picked the camel high version. Althought it might look a bit orange, their real color… Read more

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Clae McQueen

I really like what Clae does in general. This brand surprisingly remains unknown. Regarding marketing, the brand does not enjoy the same notoriety compared to most famous names we all know. Even their way to mark a sneaker is quite discreet. That’s fortunate: Clae is all about design, simplicity and originality. The McQueen is a… Read more

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Android Homme Craft Sneakers

It’s been few times that I am looking for a quality pair of low sneakers which price is not prohibitive. I have finallly found them from Android Homme. The brand is quite recent, it was launched in 2008. Till now, Android Homme was only distributed in the US, step by step they are coming in… Read more

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Timberland Earthkeeper

Hi guys, Let me introduce to you the Earthkeeper range from Timberland. First, earthkeeper suggest some environment respect, and it totaly describes Timberland philosophy for those products. Timberland very kindly send me over a pair of those boat shoes, the Earthkeepers 2.0 and asked me to make a review. Of course that was no problem…. Read more

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