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French Truckers fashion blog digs the best of men’s fashion on a daily basis. Whether it is about timeless like the lastest trends, affordable like high-end fashion, we broach the subject under different forms: selected items, looks, fashion advices, tests , trend analysis, new collections, reports, brands histories and a huge shopping guide with more than 1300 brands with their stockists.

Soho, NYC

le Sunday 23 June 2013byTony the “Cement maker“

Last day of this week spent in New York, it all went so fast! Last walks, last findings… the weather it still warm. Last rides in bike, heading toward Soho. Even if we’ve spent most of our time here, we hadn’t planned a photo series in this area during our stay. This inconsistency had to… Read more

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The UK sales

le Thursday 20 June 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Since the summer sales have started last week for most UK shops, we try to put the best deals from each website and put it into a selection to give yyou some inspiration. As some of you may have missed some nice discounted items, we though great building this table were can be found all… Read more

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

le Wednesday 19 June 2013byTony the “Cement maker“

In our New York series, we left Manhattan heading towards Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Going through this area without a bike is not conceivable. This holy land for hipsters from all around the world can only be visited on a worthy steed, suiting the refined residents of this neighbourhood. Then we grabbed a fixed gear Bianchi to… Read more

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10 Italian fashion blogs you should know

le Tuesday 18 June 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Last week, we started a series introducing our favorite Spanish fashion blogs. Those we like to read regularly. Let’s follow up this tour around the world with a new episode of the best international fashion blogs you should know. This time, our Truck stops over in Italy with a selection of women and men fashion… Read more

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Meatpacking and the High Line, NYC

le Saturday 15 June 2013byTony the “Cement maker“

Arriving in New York has been filmed, photographed, told by the greatest authors so many times. Each visitor of the Big Apple for the first time will keep it as a major event in his life. Well, past cultural events have given this moment a fully fantastic dimension. The Hudson riverside getting closer and closer,… Read more

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How to dress when you are short

le Friday 14 June 2013byJoe the "tire-remover"

Ready-to-wear really started developing after World War II. To produce clothing in higher quantities, sizes start to get standard then. They were defined thanks to measurement studies. In a general meaning they were representative of the population though not including all specificities. Short people could have difficulties finding 28 trousers, XS tops or UK 5… Read more

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Midtown with Trop Rouge, NYC

le Thursday 13 June 2013byTony the “Cement maker“

I’m just coming back from New York. Less to say is we did shoot a lot there. Today is our first New Yorker series, we took these photos with Christina from the blog Trop Rouge. Such a great start! Is there something better than finding a person who grew up in the area you want… Read more

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20 sites to shop during summer sales

le Wednesday 12 June 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

As most websites start to launch their summer sale in the UK, we thought about a selection of the best 20 shops to make the best deals. It mixes independent shops, international chains and accessory specialized online stores. Some have already started their end-of-season cleareance, some are about to. Be aware that time has come… Read more

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le Tuesday 11 June 2013byJoe the "tire-remover"

I was a student in Toulouse the first time I went to Bacelona. This journey with the French Truckers team was the occasion killing two birds with one stone, shooting our future looks and doing tourism to rediscover iconic places like the Maremagnum. Located in the Port Vell, this particular facility is built on the… Read more

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10 Spanish fashion blogs you should know

le Monday 10 June 2013byDamien

It has been a long time we’ve been wanting to do this: presenting on a regular basis the international blogs we like to follow. We reviewed our favourite French men’s fashion blogs few weeks ago, let’s fly to Spain with a selection of our daily readings. Kate Loves Me Pelayo Diaz Zapico is a 24… Read more

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