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French Truckers fashion blog digs the best of men’s fashion on a daily basis. Whether it is about timeless like the lastest trends, affordable like high-end fashion, we broach the subject under different forms: selected items, looks, fashion advices, tests , trend analysis, new collections, reports, brands histories and a huge shopping guide with more than 1300 brands with their stockists.

Boëge: a brand to discover

le Friday 01 February 2008byJoe the "tire-remover"

We’re going to kick off the new season with a discovery: Boëge. If you’ve been dreaming of a high-quality polo shirt or t-shirt, with fresh design, in a choice of colours, you’re going to love this brand! The cotton used is really top quality! If you’re in Paris, I strongly recommend you go and have… Read more

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Men’s gloves

le Friday 21 December 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

Today we present a mid season special with a nearly indispensible accessory: a pair of gloves! To choose a decent pair of gloves, you need to take the following points into account: Your size. The size is generally given by a number: 7, 7.5, 8… A right size glove fits well around your fingers, protects… Read more

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Superdry Scarf

le Friday 14 December 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

And to finish off nicely, here’s an accessory that we never mention enough, as we’re facing amazingly cold weathers now. That’s a mistake, as scarves are essential to protect the neck from the blizzard, and can even be rather attractive! -Yes! And to prove it, here’s a very fashionable one from Superdry (the vintage style… Read more

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Levis 504 jeans

le Monday 10 December 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

Ok, I have made my decision, today I am going to talk to about Levi’s! It is a mini-event, because this is the first time in three years! It is perhaps a tad exaggerated, at least Levi’s was mentionned in some articles like the “which model of jeans?” previously published on Comme un Camion. Actually,… Read more

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Grey Peter Werth shirt

le Friday 23 November 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

And a shirt to top the week off! It’s got a sort of “seventies” style with its diamond print, but also a touch of uniform about it with its buttonned front pockets and the epaulettes. You don’t have to wear it with the sleeves rolled up, but it’s fresh, and it makes it feel like… Read more

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Burberry boxers

le Wednesday 21 November 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

Get the idea that Burberry is for chavs out of your head immediately. Yes! Across the globe, Burberry is a luxury brand, and these boxers use their classic brit check pattern with their logo on the waistband. So they aren’t pants at all! Slight problem: where to find them. They appear on the US site… Read more

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Brown Purplow boots

le Monday 19 November 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

Today’s boots are Korean (from the brand Purplow). The description is a little, erm, cryptic, but here’s the important stuff: they’re made from leather, they’re brown, and they’re hand made. And from certain angles, the leather almost looks as if it’s made of wood! Anyway, I find them very stylish with their decorated toes and… Read more

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J.crew v-neck collared jumper

le Wednesday 14 November 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

This is a very nice sheep wool jumper from J.Crew. It’s the little details that make the difference: the v-neck with a button on the front, with a slight collar at the back, and the patches on the elbows. $85 from J.Crew

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American Apparel Slim Slack Jeans

le Wednesday 07 November 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

Do you know American Apparel’s t-shirts? But did you know that AA also do jeans? Launched at the end of last year with the name “The Slim Slack“, this debut jeans collection is like the other products from the brand: brightly-coloured, affordable and ethical. These slim jeans are available in black, grey, white, but also… Read more

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Jesus loves this guy t-shirt

le Friday 26 October 2007byJoe the "tire-remover"

Upon Max’s recommendation (a member of the French forum), I went to have a look at Celebrity Brand T-shirts to as the first in our selections of slogan t-shirts. You can find a few nice t-shirts such as this one, with "Jesus loves this guy" written on it. It’s a good way to make people… Read more

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