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Shoe trees

le Thursday 11 September 2008byJoe the "tire-remover"

To keep your shoes in good condition for as long as possible, the use of shoe trees are advised (all the more so if you’ve bought good shoes) These wooden gadgets slide into your shoes when you’re not wearing them to absorb humidity and to keep their shape. Look out for raw cedar or beech… Read more

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Cazal 902 sunglasses

le Saturday 06 September 2008byJoe the "tire-remover"

Of all the sunglasses we’ve looked at, here’s one of the most exclusive pairs. There are only 1500 pairs available across the globe. Its name: the Cazal 902. Originally created in 1982 by Cazal Eyewear, this style was one of the brand’s best-sellers in the 80s. They stopped making it in 1996. Its rebirth is… Read more

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Electric Sunglasses

le Monday 18 August 2008byJoe the "tire-remover"

This is the latest in our selection of sunglasses, and today we’re looking at Electric. Based in San Clemente, in California, the brand was created by Greg Arnette, but became know in its current form by Kip Arnette (his son) who took it over in 2000 in association with Bruce Beach. Like all good Californians,… Read more

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Beach Towels

le Friday 08 August 2008byTony the “Cement maker“

The season for lazy afternoons on the beach has arrived. Whether the time on the towel is used to recover from the night before or to relax after a bitterly-disputed beach volleyball match, your towel should no longer have a giant portrait of Droopy in swimming trunks. The choice of beach towel(s) is difficult as… Read more

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Paul Frank Flip-flops

le Wednesday 06 August 2008byJoe the "tire-remover"

Flip-flops are the essential accessory for holidays. These are from Paul Frank, with his famous ape, Julius. I’ll take the occasion to tell you that you can see all our holiday selections by clicking on the tag beach.

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Von Zipper Stache Sunglasses

le Tuesday 29 July 2008byJoe the "tire-remover"

Let’s break out the sunglasses again, this time with a pair from Von Zipper. Founded in 1999 in California, VZ specializes in extreme sports eyewear, such as snowboarding masks. My favorite: the Stache in red, white and blue! They do the same style in 4 other colours: black, white, red and tortoiseshell. The frame is… Read more

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Sweetman patent leather belt

le Friday 04 July 2008byJoe the "tire-remover"

Mike Sweetman is a Parisian designer which I had mentioned last year in an interview (in French). He has since opened a new shop at 24 Boulevard Raspail, dedicated to shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories. In his accessories range he usually has some stylish belts including a few snakeskin ones. But today I’m looking at… Read more

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Vinylize Sunglasses

le Monday 30 June 2008byJoe the "tire-remover"

So today we’re back to sunglasses with Tipton Eyeworks and their Vinylize glasses. An idea launched by Hungarian designers Zach and Zoltan Tipton, these sunglasses are made from old vinyl records. Originally launched in the USA, the collection arrived in France in 2005. It was an extremely exclusive release, to say the least. I love… Read more

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WeMoto t-shirts

le Monday 16 June 2008byJoe the "tire-remover"

Founded in 2003 by Stefan, Gregor and Patrick, WeMoto is not the t-shirt subsidiary of Motorola, but a German streetwear label worthy of being more well-known. You know, our German friends don’t just make great cars but they also do great fashion, the t-shirts they sell are really unusual and have fun motifs. More subtle… Read more

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Double-breasted A.P.C pea coat

le Saturday 07 June 2008byTony the “Cement maker“

The early spring often brings about a frantic rush for a jacket to warm up the cold Parisian mornings. As I’m always short on time, I have a method of searching in concentric circles. Let me explain: you start off in the shops closest to your home and progressively widen your search as your despair… Read more

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