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In this category you can find our articles about a brand or a product history. It is about recent brands we wished to write about and the fascinating story of old brands we all know. We also focus on these “cult” products like jeans, the mythic Air Force One, the trench-coat, the harrington, etc. Still in the category, some articles talking about manufacturing (with a focus on France).

Cherchbi Accessories

le Tuesday 08 November 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Chercchi is a British brand who creates leather and wool bags and accessories. Far away from mass production and concerned by environmental issues, they are highly inspired by the cultural and creative heritage of their homeland, nevertheless their designs are uptaded to our times. All extremely sturdy, the bags, belts and accessories are all handmade… Read more

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Archiduchesse socks

le Friday 30 September 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Autumn has just started, and you are alrealy starting to feel greyness taking possession of your heart. Let’s have a rainbow touch to cheer us up a bit. I concede that English make great socks, but us French do not have to be ashamed about our proper ones! Then I would like to introduce you… Read more

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Hoon Paris Jewellery

le Thursday 15 September 2011byJoe the "tire-remover"

Just as bags, scarves and other accessories are no longer the exclusive preserve of the ladies. Even cosmetics have highly started to become more accessible to men, jewellery is no different. Indeed, more than ever this season, the street is inspiring fashion and vice versa, undeniably so; just like when Louis Vuitton and Pharrell collaborate,… Read more

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Sunpocket Original sunglasses

le Tuesday 26 July 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Sunpocket is a 1970′s sunglasses brand raising from the death. At this time, those unfolding glasses were very popular in the French winter sports resort and the French Mediterranean coast, mainly worn by fashionable and upper class people. The 80′s have seen the expansion of the brand into something much more coloured, finding now favor… Read more

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Adidas Stan Smith : Story of a fashion icon

le Monday 06 June 2011byRomano as "the garagerocker"

The emblematic Stan Smith from Adidas is probably one of the most famous model all over the world. Mainly recognizable with some uncluttered lines, a compact shape and its perforated three stripes, the shoe has been sold in around 40 millions copies since its creation. The first version is dated from the early 60′s. At… Read more

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Trousers London SS11

le Wednesday 16 February 2011byJoe the "tire-remover"

Trousers London is a young British brand, I’ve started following them few months ago. I recently had the occasion to meet the designer in a show, and I could have a real look to their jeans, which are reallly nice! Trousers London creates premium jeans paying great attention to materials (indigo, organic cotton), to manufacturing… Read more

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Monkee Genes

le Wednesday 30 December 2009byJoe the "tire-remover"

Born in 2006, Monkee Genes offers organic jeans with a retro twist and luscious sateen in pop art inspired colours. From July 2008, Monkee Genes has been awarded the Soil Association organic standard and the Global Organic Textile Standard (“G.O.T.S”.). This is the first affordable, organic jean with this accreditation! Sale price: £39.99 (Was £49.99)… Read more

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Frost Birgens

le Tuesday 20 October 2009byJoe the "tire-remover"

Jakob Birgens Kristensen began his designer carrier in the latin district of Aarhus. His designs are based on own creative ideas inspired by icons such as Johnny Depp, Leonard Cohen, Hemingway, Bob Dylan and many more. In the fall of 2007 Jakob started Frost Birgens with the first collection being SS08. Characterized by subtle functional… Read more

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Burberry Trenchcoat: The origins of the trenchcoat

le Friday 09 October 2009byJoe the "tire-remover"

On this rainy day, I invite you to think about one of the great men’s fashion classics, and a perfect mid-season option: the trench coat. Although we’ve spoken about them few times before, I realised (with surprise) that we’ve never devoted an article to its origins and its creator: Thomas Burberry. The story starts during… Read more

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Unnur men’s bags

le Tuesday 06 October 2009byJoe the "tire-remover"

Unnur is a icelandic brand founded in 2006 by “Unnur Fridriksdottir”. She makes high quality handbags, accessories and clothing. Unnur’s specialty is using sea-leather in her handbags as farm grown Icelandic Salmon and farm grown African Perch! Here are some bags from men’s collection: In summer 2007 Unnur’s handbags were displayed in Iceland’s largest design… Read more

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