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In this category you can find our articles about a brand or a product history. It is about recent brands we wished to write about and the fascinating story of old brands we all know. We also focus on these “cult” products like jeans, the mythic Air Force One, the trench-coat, the harrington, etc. Still in the category, some articles talking about manufacturing (with a focus on France).

Balibaris : Fairly essential

le Thursday 22 November 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

As they just opened their first store Rue de Marseille, Paris, near Canal Saint-Martin, we thought this would be a perfect occasion to introduce you Balibaris, which is obviously one of our favourite French brand these times: In 2010, the French brand Balibaris started with a precise idea: to revisit menswear essentials with nice fabrics… Read more

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Spring Court G1 : the ventilated tennis shoe

le Tuesday 16 October 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Here is a brand us French can be proud of (for once…). Originally created to play tennis, its history is nothing more than a tennis shoe which use progressively changed to fashion over the years. One would say it is a true picture of the evolution of our society. In addition, do you know this… Read more

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Manufacturing Super Sunglasses

le Monday 13 August 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Regular followers may already know Super! And if like us you really appreciate their work, you would gladly watch this 4 minutes video presenting their manufacturing process. It basically shows how acetate sheets are being shaped, lenses creation, polishing, assembling and finishing touches. Apart from any technical interest, this video is particularly nice thanks to… Read more

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Adidas Gazelle: Multilifestyle icon

le Wednesday 20 June 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

Let me introduce you today one of the freshest Adidas sneakers. Launched 40 years ago in the market, these sneakers have first gone through different stages before reaching the expected iconic status: sports, skateboard, hip-hop, then fashion. What we are dealing with today is the real story of the classic Adidas Gazelle. In 1968 Adidas… Read more

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Nike Blazer : a basketball legend

le Thursday 31 May 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Since the release in 2009 of the Blazer Vintage reissue, this model hzs known a certain success. For a long time it was sort of lost, but as the seasons were passing, it soon became a sure bet, an essential of men’s wardrobes in both high and low versions. Why is the Blazer so popular?… Read more

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Adidas Rod Laver history

le Monday 14 May 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Stan Smith is a model of leather shoe, the first to be designed for tennis, which was released in 1964 but which would bear this name only from 1974. Following its popularity, Adidas started collaborating in 1970 with Rod Laver, who will be recognized later as one of the best tennis player ever. Of Australian… Read more

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Le Slip Français : change your underwear before changing the world

le Thursday 03 May 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

In a 100% French spirit, along the same line as the French were in year 1789, Le Slip Français proposes men to begin their revolution with a different leading idea: “Do you want to change the world? Do you want things to change? Start by changing your underwear!” Sans culottes did not wear skivvies most… Read more

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Vans Authentic History : Born and raised in California

le Monday 30 April 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Regardless of fashion and sports there are shoes that were originally made to simply dress people’s feets. With time these shoes have become the symbol of a whole generation of youngsters seeking new ways to express their freedom and lifestyle throughout a new california-based sport : skateboard. Here is a short story of the Vans… Read more

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Nike Cortez : history of a legend

le Monday 09 April 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Many trainers have left their mark on sports (just a recall we tend to forget: trainers are originally made for sports) and fashion history, undoubtedly the Nike Cortez is one of the most important model in both running and sneakers culture. It is the first shoe released by Nike, the first technological succes as the… Read more

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Royalties: made in France socks

le Friday 10 February 2012byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Hidden at the far end of Capsule Paris’ ground floor, Royalties, a brand launched in 2010, was brightening the suroundings up with their colorful socks : For far too long socks have been formal, plain, then the founders wished to create chic and colored items. Bright-colored socks aren’t necessarily for bad tastes people, on the… Read more

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