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Differences between mechanical or quartz watches

le Wednesday 23 January 2013byTraz "the doc"

You can choose a watch according to various features: style, special functions, but you can’t deny the movement remains a key one to consider for any watch amateur. Two main movement types exists: mchanical and quartz. Here are few explanations about those: Mechanical Watches: Watch: Movado Datron automatic A mechanical watch movement is exclusively assured… Read more

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Tips to choose a vintage watch

le Monday 12 March 2012byTraz "the doc"

Seeking Vintage Watches is a serious and thrilling business.  Whether you’re keen on 70’s futuristic watches or classic analog three-handed watch, almost everyone can find great deals, even on a tight budget.  All you need is a cunning eye and a minimum of watchmaking knowledge. We tried today to gear you up as best as… Read more

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All watches bright and beautiful

le Tuesday 06 May 2008byJunior the “conker”

For many, watches are the best way for men to wear jewellery. Definitely a much better way than a bracelet, chain or pendant, signet ring or leather wristband. However, choosing a nice watch is not the easiest of tasks. The range of products available is very wide, and this is a purchase that must be… Read more

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