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You will find in this section all our posts about suits : advices, tests, looks, brands and adresses. Note that we made a special subsection for tailored suits (this name is used to indicate what is most of the time “industrial” half-measure different from beskpoke which is the best you could ever find for suits).

How to dress for a baptism, for a communion

le Saturday 17 August 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Summer is usually a period of the year when you receive invitations to all celebrations like baptisms, communions, bar mitzvah… and every time, a question necessarily comes: “what am I going to wear for this party, halfway between formal and informal?” In doubt, know that better being dressed too elegantly than the contrary. No one… Read more

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The ideal wardrobe for work

le Thursday 11 October 2012byTraz "the doc"

As soon as you find a work requiring to dress formally, you would have to get nice shoes, shirts, suits, a coat and adapted accessories matching your new outfits. Let us see what you will need : Shirts Shirts would be the main piece of your closet, just as were t-shirts during high-school. Their Collar… Read more

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