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Chinos are cotton trousers which were apparently invented in the 19th century by an English lieutenant during a mission in India. This type of trousers offers many advantages: comfort, lightness (for intense heat) and sturdyness. It is only during WW2 that American G.I. popularized them, making the transition between the militarian and the civil world. Many icons from the 50-60s did wear chinos: Elvis Presley Chuck Berry, Steve McQueen, John F. Kennedy. Chinos have stood the test of time and gained in popularity from everyone (skaters, elegants, classics) thanks to their versatility.

How to wear chinos?

le Tuesday 04 June 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

As the weather is getting warmer, Spring is the ideal period of the year when you take lighter clothes out of your closet. Chinos are a perfect incarnation of what you are going to wear once the temperatures will get higher. They are lighter than jeans, more comfortable, and they allow more color possibilities, so… Read more

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