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Selected le 26 February 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Casio always makes stylish affordable watches for small budgets. Looking for a vintage-like watch, I came across this MTP-1175 sold at a price that defies all competition. It features a metallic silver case contrasted by a golden dial and a tan leather crocodile-looking strap. The movement is said as Japanese, but nothing more is precised. The watch still has a calendar function, and it is waterproof. In brief, the main charasteristic of a watch is totally fullfilled: it provides time! Far from a luxury model, the watch is still stylish. Something you should know is that the battery is told to last two years. It has been two month now that I am owning it, countdown is on… :x

casio MTP1175e

prix conseillé   $28.50

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