Cashmere tie

Selected le 30 November 2011 par Traz "the doc"

It is shame that people do not wear cashmere ties enough. Actually, it presents two assets: first it keeps your neck warm, which is nice when mi-season comes and you do not necessarily want to warp up with a bulky scarf. On the other hand, its fluffy texture allows some nice material mixings and interesting matches. Particularily with flannel and tweed: two seasonnally adapted fabrics.

Italian people are elegant, that is a fact. And the most famous of them (like Gianni Agnelli) have made cashmere ties a centerpiece of their outfit. This time I would like to present you a cool model we have recently had in our hands: a black, blue and grey striped Italian made cashmere tie from The tie is 100% cashmere made and features a silk lining. If you are looking for gift ideas for end-of-year times I highly recommend it to you ;)

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par Traz "the doc"

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