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I’ve started telling you guys about this new trend that is workwear styled jackets. And it seems that streetwear brands have overcome it. A few days ago it was coming from Obey, now it’s from Carhartt. Apparently this jacket is one of their classics and you’ve go lots of satisfied customers reviews about it on their website. By reading these reviews, it turned out that the jacket is extremely resistant and some of the owners have kept it for many years. This could be explained by the 12 ounce material used to craft it. As for its general aspect, it’s just handsome. Furthermore, I can’t keep myself from loving these front pockets which, here, are mixed with a cords collar. Although I concede that some of you may dislike it, it clearly is one of the autumn/winter 2010 “must have” to me.

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  • Paul

    If you wanted a rugged work style jacket, why not buy one from an actual work-wear shop? Frankly, anything else would be just a poor imitation. Also, is resistance what you want from it? Why not 'comfort', while you're at it? No, thanks. But please let me know what you think of this jacket from RW&Co ( Cheres.

  • Romano from Marseill

    Carhartt one is more my style, sorry dude.