Canal Saint-Martin

Looks le 25 January 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Today I am taking you for a ride at the Canal Saint Martin. For those who would not know, this canal from the 19th century is 9km-long. The canal was originally used to carry drinking water from The Vilette Basin to the Port de l’Arsenal (a Leisure port). It flows through the 10th and 11th arrondissements featuring many bridges, locks and bars! I went for a walk with a seasonal outfit: a pair of bots, jeans, chambray shirt, woolen crewneck and a trench. First cigarette break, then a second for a beer in a bar while the night quickly fell…

Hat: Stetson
Trench: Hèdus
Shirt: Balibaris
Crewneck sweater: Mélinda Gloss
Gloves: Forzieri
Bag: L’Aiglon
Belt: L’Aiglon
Jeans: Trousers London
Boots: Septième Largeur

Photos: Léo Seyes. Thanks : the bar Prune de Nuit.

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  • Jay Tee

    Hi Joe – great post, the photography and styling is immaculate. I'm taking my girlfriend here for Valentine's Day, we're staying at the Hotel Saint Paul Le Marais, do you know it?