Camouflage denim jacket

Selected le 17 March 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"


Like in any vintage store, Yoox is the kind of shop which has frequent new arrivals. Still like in a frippery, availabilites are often limited to few sizes, even only one for some specific pieces. Last week was is stock this camouflage denim jacket from Polo jeans, my exact size. This is the kind of item you won’t have the occasion to meet twice, definitely! Well, I cogitated a lot to much and now the jacket is gone. What a disappointment to think that such an occasion won’t happen again! That was all about telling you that it is better leaving your compulsive side taking the upper hand when you feel this is a unique shopping situation. Anyway if one of you Truckers happen to see one similar camo trucker jacket, just left me a note through ourcontact form (I have already searched to google page 14).

Here is the jacket from Yoox

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