C-IN2 Bamboo Style Brief to win!

Selected le 7 June 2010 par Joe the "tire-remover"

C-IN2 Bamboo Style Brief

C-IN2 is an innovative brand that makes everything to make you look and feel good in your undies. I had the occasion to try one of their best seller called Zen Mesh Slider. And I was pretty impressed! It is hard to talk about underwear, but it is in my opinion one of the most important piece of clothes you should care about. A bad underwear can be uncomfortable, itchy, irritated, and sticky! The best ingredients for a bad day, especially after exhausting hours at work :s

The Zen Mesh Slider is made from a bamboo/cotton jacquard fabric which makes the brief incredibly soft, comfortable, and most importantly super-breathable (if you tend to sweat a lot :) The brief also features a non compressing pouch so your gear stays cool and free. The pouch actually hugs your skin without sticking it. Last but not least, the Zen Mesh Slider is very stylish and sexy with its elastic waistband and perfect cut :)

It is the best solution for your long hours at work, or for sport. You won’t even feel it! Available in different styles and colors.

Price: $19.50 from freshpair.com

And to start this week, Freshpairs and French Truckers got together for a special giveaway! If you want to win this C-IN2 top quality underwear from Freshpairs, just answer the following question:

What’s C-IN2’s secret for enhancing men’s shape?

You will have one week to post your answer in the comment part of this post. The first who will post the good answer will be the winner. However, for your answer to be eligible, you need to follow Freshpairs on Twitter and to become a fan on Facebook.

PS: Try to check our website’s archives if you don’t know the answer ;)

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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