BWGH SS12 : Cornely

Selected le 27 March 2012 par Adel as "the fireman"

Young French brand Brooklyn We Go Hard is the meeting point of two passions: Fashion and Photography.  After getting attention last season for their hip sweatshirts and arty visuals “Brooklyn parle français”, BWGH is now back with a brand new collection trading their catch phrase for colorful ethnic friezes!

The brand’s craftsmanship definitely resides in the art of composition. Their ability to arrange and harmonize visual elements as in a photography work is really appreciable.

Unlike most designers overusing ethnic patterns, old meets new with subtlety and charisma in BWGH’s Spring-Summer collection. Daring, urban and chic , nice Indian friezes come brighten up pockets of  minimalist-looking shirts and chinos without sounding too much.

Made in France and in Portugal using old-school Cornely sewing machines, quality remains at the core of BWGH’s philosophy.

For more information, visit Brooklyn We Go Hard

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