Braun Pulsonic Razor: test drive

For hair le 3 February 2008 par Joe the "tire-remover"

This is the first time that I’ve used a Braun razor. And I started with what seems to be the best at the moment: the Braun Pulsonic 9595. A top-of-the-range razor that has a top-of-the-range price tag to boot. When I saw it at this price, I thought it must be an mp3 player and a mobile phone too. But not at all. It’s just a razor. Or is it? Time for the test drive…

braun pulsonic

Design / Handling

The razor has a metallic fascia. The back has a rubbery cover. It’s simple, with no flourishes. Nothing flashy, just a large handle and sleek lines. The first impression is of quality, which is confirmed when you hold it. It’s really solid. It’s a bit like holding a tennis raquet. Advantage!


Surprise, surprise, you turn it on by pressing ‘on’, and a blue LED lights up. The main feature of this razor is that it vibrates (the Pulsonic system). Apparently, it produces 10,000 vibrations per minute! That is, of course, difficult to check, but you can feel it vibrate, and hear it make a noise. A buzz that quietens down to a purr when you touch it to the skin.

The head is made up of 3 flexible parts: the shaving foils and the cutting blades. The Pulsonic uses cross-cutting technology. Of course, you can’t really tell, but the shaving foils and the cutting blades move in opposite directions.

At the base of the handle, there’s an LCD display that allows you to see when it needs charging and when it needs cleaning. You can rinse the razor under the tap, or use its dock that offers automatic cleaning.

braun pulsonic details


I have now been using this razor for a month. I have been really surprised by its effectiveness. On the face it gets rid of all hair in a few seconds. On the neck, which is always the most sensitive area, it is also really effective: there are really only a few areas you have to go over by hand. Efficient and pleasurable! The vibrations may be not good for the hairs, but they feel good on the skin!

Normally, I only shave very rarely. Just a trim every 3 or 4 days so my beard doesn’t get too long. This razor must be good because it makes me want to shave again!

One final point, not a negligable one either, is the price: €329 (How much???). Which is twice as expensive as most electric razors (and have you seen the price of disposables nowadays? :). It is in no way just a razor, but it is rather a lot of money to spend!

So of course, you need to make the most of it. If you have to shave every day, and if you’ve tried everything else and are still not convinced, the Pulsonic is perfect for you. If not: -I’m sure you’ll find something else to decorate your bathroom with ;)

Pulsonic range, $219.99 on sale from Amazon

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • Tom

    I'm glad it works for you but I have to disagree with your comments… I have one, it's probably the 4th Braun I've had in around 25 years. Either I'm (my face) is getting older or the razor doesn't work so well. I find it smooth and all that good stuff but it doesn't give me a close shave. I also don't understand the middle section between the two foils. Since it's for really long hairs I find it unnecessary – unless you're Grizzly Adams. Previous versions either didn't have the middle cutters or it was narrower than the new one. Sorry, I gave it away and bought the new Norelco and like it alot.