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Men's Beauty le 9 October 2012 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Braun’s Cruzer range proposes 4 trimmers for beard, hair or body. Generally they are useful to style, maintain a beard, moustache, goatee, even sideburns! Beard&Head has a name speaking for itself. Let’s see what features are this trimmer equipped, what guts they have!

Technical features

The trimmer comes with two combs allowing to adjust the cutting length. The first option is made for the beard, going from 1 to 11 millimeters and the second for hair from 10 to 20 mm. A clipping system locks those combs at the needed level. The Cruzer also features retractable precision clippers which is very useful for finishing touches. It is wireless with a 40 minute battery life for an hour of recharging. It can also be washed with water and carried in the provided travel pouch.


I really like the Cruzer’s design mixing nicely blue and grey tones. The trimmer has a modern style with a sturdy construction. Ergonomics was well-thought with a comfortable handling. I only wished it was more powerful but I guess it will suit my personal use (styling my beard and hair every three days). However you’ll be facing more difficulties trying to style thicker hair, it’s just a trimmer. Tested and approved mention!

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