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Men's Beauty le 6 August 2013 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Braun is about to release a new electric shaver based on a refreshing technology: the CoolTec. Here is a model I really looked forward to test features, sensations and measure the efficiency. A challenge remains, beat the Braun Pulsonic I have been using for 5 years now! Gagdet or a real plus for sensitive skins?



Since few years, Philips proposes the Cool Skin which releases cream while shaving, ideal for sensitive skins. As for Braun, they have imagined something working without any cream or lotion, but rather some active and refreshing technology based on few components allowing to cool the skin temperature.

  • A cooling bar: made of aluminium right in the middle of the shaver’s head. This is clearer in this picture where I dismember it (see below).
  • Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology: it is like a pump which keeps away the heat coming from the shaving system and the skin.

Those two elements allow to low the skin temperature, to smooth it, to cool it and to relax it, reducing then all irritations and unpleasant sensations usually provoked when you shave.



Along with this new technology, the CoolTec has all usual features of Braun shavers with a 3-stage cutting system and two independent moving elements to adapt to facial contour and the Sensoblade allowing to cut all hair sizes and directions. The shaver is rechargeable, waterproof, fully washable and can be locked when travelling.



The CoolTec comes in 4 different ranges (CT2S, CT2CC, CT4S, CT5CC) with different equipment level among which a charge station, a brush, an automatic cleaning system, a travelling pouch. Of course, the power cable to recharge the shaver is provided any choice you make. By this way, the wireless autonomy is 45 minutes and 15 minutes when using the cooling function (as expected, it uses more energy). Besides, the shaver is equipped with a trimmer for the finishing touches.



Once my shaver was fully charged (it is recommended to make a full charge before the first use), I could test this “vaunted” cooling technology. I only had to put a finger on the aluminium bar to realise the temperature drop in only few seconds. Braun announces more than a 20°C drop meaning that in a 25°C bathroom, the cooling bar is 5°C). When you start shaving, the feeling isn’t that cold as the skin temperature is around 32-34°c, but it works. This cooling effect helps for a comfortable and quick shave. Having myself a sensitive skin, I looked closely at the first reactions. Starting by the neck, I observed that there was no appearing red blotches (CoolTec +1). I just followed shaving with this touch of freshness and the final satisfaction of a close shave. Tested & Approved mention!


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