Bleu de Paname SS11

French label Bleu de Paname keeps the same line of action for spring 2011. They only present blue coloured pieces, mixing chambray, cotton, denim and twill fabrics. Quite apropriate for such a name. This year’s theme is based on a Parisian gang style called “Apache”, dating from a historic period : “La Belle Epoque”. Those thugs weren’t dress with such beautiful pieces, but the garments’ shape, although being contemporary, are inspired from them. Almost all the outfits are presented with matching colors pieces, which is kind of their “trademark”.

Among the whole collection, we’ve noticed the “Pantalon Apache” with its matching shirt, some cool “Fatigué” bermudas, their ageless Inventory shirt and an original One Pocket pair of jeans. By the way, you may have recognized their collab with PF Flyers at the feet of the model. Something important, “BDP” products are all manufactured in France, except for denim which is made in Japan.

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