Bleu de Chauffe Plombier bag

Selected le 31 October 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Did someone ever present you Bleu de Chauffe? This brand specialized in creating bags inspired from those carried by workers during the 20th century? First, you have to know that 100% of the production is made in France, in the Larzac and Sorgues Valleys. Then, know that all the materials used for their creations are carefully selected: French vegetally tanned leather (from Aveyron), hand-crafted metallic pieces, still from France and same for the canvas. All of that is produced in a socially responsible approach, using local firms and respecting environmental issues.

Among the new colelction we have spotted the Louise Plombier bag. It is made of 100% vegetable tanned leather and features a canvas internal pocket (signed by the hand of the craftsman) to put your plumber or city dweller tools. We really like its old-school style, in phase with the current “workwear” trend. Having seen, handled and stroked it in real life, I can say how fine is the finish and how its leather smells good! What a nice bag wit such a reasonable price from some made in France item.

€279 from Menlook

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  • Charlotte Barbershop

    This bag rocks. Definitely adding it to my x-mas list!