Biotherm bronze High Recharge self-tanner

Last cosmetics I’ve been testing: the Power Bronze High Recharge from Biotherm, an anti-fatigue moisturizing gel with a small amount of self-tanning. As most of tanning products are usually too powerful for my white skin, I was really curious to see how this product would work!

The High recharge range

The anti-fatigue range from Biotherm is called “High Recharge” and features 4 different products among which this one. The whole range comes in a highly-recognizable red packaging, symbol of energy (but also passion, yes!).



The tube is made of a supple plastic, the gel is white and fluid enough to be applied on the whole face with a knob of product only. Reminder: always clean your face before using a self-tanner, avoid the eyes, eyebrows and the roots of your hair.


As the product only has a small amount of self-tanner, the smell remains discreet which is a good point for those who usually dislike this kind of smell (- ugh!). Most of all, the product meets its expectations: benefits of a moisturizer and a natural healthy complexion! The kind of product leaving you fully satisfied as you don’t dwell upon the ingredients! Properly priced and efficient, that’s all you need here ;)

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