Biker jacket for men

Following our look at the history of the biker jacket earlier in the week, we decided now would be a good time to give you some advice about wearing this garment. Because while wearing a leather jacket is difficult enough, wearing a Perfecto well is even harder! For starters, there are loads of different types: there’s the vintage style à la Tommy Ramone, then there’s the casual and more relaxed cut, and then there’s the minimalist style which comes sans belt and sans epaulette. Before you decide which of these is right for you, take a look at our tips:


How do I wear it?

Being a short jacket, the Perfecto suits all body shapes. It will make the legs of the vertically challenged appear longer, as well as highlighting those of the longer-limbed. It’s also great for medium-sized men. Whatever style jacket you choose, the rocker look (Converse/jeans/t-shirt) is always a safe way of wearing your motorcycle jacket.
Essentially the Perfecto is a casual wear jacket; it’s difficult to imagine it looking good with a smart shirt. T-shirts and denim shirts are ideal companions for the biker jacket. On the bottom, chinos are a bit too preppy and clean-cut to wear with the bad-boy Perfecto. Opting for jeans is much better. Easy does it though, not too ripped; you’re not Kurt Cobain. Raw, black or grey denim should do the trick. As for footwear, we think trainers, boots or desert shoes look best.

If you’re investing in a designer biker jacket, these can look just the ticket with tracksuit bottoms and a subtle pair of hi-top trainers.

Which one shall I choose?

The first thing to check out when buying a biker jacket – and this is even more important than the style – is the quality of the leather. Check it doesn’t look fake, isn’t too thin and grainy, and doesn’t have any marks on it. As you will see, the price of leather garments varies significantly according to what animal it comes from and how the item has been designed. The products produced by the top brands are often extremely pricey, but this is because the leather is of the highest possible quality. By and large, we can assess spending over €1000 for a jacket is fantasy (even less than €1000). Which just leaves the cut of the jacket. With cut, it depends wholly on what you’re after and what style you want; it’s either wide and belted, or closely fitted to the body. Check the zip is not too tight around your chest when it’s fastened – this means the jacket is too small. Watch out too for too much of a gap around your hips – this means it’s too big. To get you started with some ideas, here is a selection of Perfectos to suit all budgets:

cheap perfectos

(1) River Island : £65
(2) ASOS : £125
(3) Selected : £240
(4) Topman : £160

perfecto average

(1) Levi’s : £340
(2) Allsaints : £348
(3) French Connection : £300
(4) Edwin : £540
(5) Jofama : £360

expensive biker width=

(1) Ventcouvert : £670
(2) BLK Denim : £836
(3) Levi’s Made & Crafted : £887€
(4) Acne : £1200
(5) Rick Owens : £1345

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