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Selected le 9 November 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Yesterday Acquire blog showed us a very nice alternative to replace your good old Bicycle or Bee card deck. Also it may be a good gift idea as the end-or-year celebrations approach : for your pokerman friends, and just for those who appreciate all what surrounds the “card” item. Let’s admit playing cards are quite a common, but very fascinating item involving vice, competition, tensions, magical tricks, James Bond… the’re just a true picture of mysticism, with numbers and symbols.

This poker sized deck has been originally redesigned by the Best Made Company whose words best describe it : “we enlarged the numbers and symbols, streamlined the face cards to geometric bliss, added some lightning bolts or two, and above all we gave our cards the much needed whitespace and breathing room for your eyes (so you can play by the glow of a campfire)”.

The deck is produced by the world’s most famous company in such field: the “legendary” Playing Card Company. No doubt on their quality then. Collectors, card players, magicians or just for a non-expensive but original gift, we just like them ;)

In bonus check out the rules of this game we like so much to play in the South of France: Belote Contrée

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