Beryll Sunglasses

Selected le 26 May 2008 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Beryll was founded in 1998 in Austria. Sigmar Berg, its creator, trained as an architect. He is now based in Santa Monica. In his approach to design, he attaches great importance to matching glasses with the shape of the face, and the choice of materials. The sunglasses are handmade in Italy. You can identify them by the crosses on the arms. Initially they used a silver cross, but increasingly the logo is more subtly set into the frame. Beryll wanted his glasses to be recognisable for their design rather than the logo.

My favourite: the Conte. Its square shape is particularly suited to oval-shaped faces. The frame is polished acetate and the lenses are polycarbonate. This lighter material offers greater comfort.


The lenses are UVA and UVB treated. They conform to the Australian standards (one of the most demanding in terms of sun protection). Let’s not forget that although sunglasses are pretty, and a fashion accessory, but their main point is to protect your eyes from the sun!

On sale at Les Plus Belles Lunettes du Monde at the price of €245 (ouch! But see below for a 5% discount on sunglasses and 10% on glasses!).

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • sean

    Indeed Beryll shades are outstanding in quality and style wise – I can't be without

    my Berylls anymore since I bought my first pair a year ago. Honestly I never had

    so many compliments on my sunglasses ever before and I had them all.

    Beryll is definitely the brand for opinion leaders.



  • Daniel

    Love the Beryll shades. Looks like the vintage style glasses that are the in look these days.