Ben Sherman Harrington

Selected le 30 June 2009 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Ben Sherman harrington

As any self-respecting English brand, Ben Sherman has customized its own version of the iconic harrington jacket. To know about its story, please visit our topic “Harrington jacket: the original!“. Like I was saying, it is an iconic jacket much praised by mods during the 60s. Ben Sherman’s version, which is a bit different from the classic Baracuta, has a check lining (instead of tartan which is specific to Baracuta), but still has all the classic feature of the type.

prix conseillé   £70

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par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • innafakaruddin

    how much the price exactly? and how can i buy it?

  • Snethemba


    My boyfreind is crazy about Ben Sherman clothing.

    We both live in South Africa, for he's birthday this year, I would really like to get him a jacket or jersey from the clothing label, please let me know where I can get him one, here in South Africa. He would need a large for a jersey and an X-Large for the jacket. He's birthday is on the 20th June.

    Please let me know.