Beer Soap

Are you more Corona, Carlsberg, Guiness or Heinekein? The Beer Soap range from Zaja Natural offers 95 different types of… beer soap! Yes sir, that is possible! It has been available in Europe since few weeks now.

Beer Soap

First question: does it really smell beer? I have tested the Corona version, and we cannot say the smell is very pronounced, but it still remains particular compared to any classic soap. The beer smell is just anecdotal actually. However that does not removes the natural quality of the brewer’s yeast the soap is made of – highly known for its benefits on nails, hair and skin beauty (anti eczeme and anti acne).

The Beer Soap

bBeer Soap 2

The bewer’s yeast contains proteins, mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins. It really worth some sweet almond or argan oil, believe me! In any case my skin does like it. Then it is a big YES for the beer soap! And think about it for any gift occasion, good laugh is guaranteed. Please note that the price may appear a bit high, but still cheaper than a shower gel which you usually put to much on your hand zny time you use it. In principle this must last several weeks (as a beer never lasts more than half an hour)


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