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Discovering the adult world with Baxter of California

Whether you wear a beard, a moustache, a goatee or sideburns, we all went through the same thing. Some were precocious, some other waited longer… In any case, this is a step men can’t avoid. Who never locked himself in the bathroom to discover his body when mommy and daddy were out? Through this video,… Read more

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Aesop Facial Hydrating Serum

The first time I have tested something from Aesop was two years ago with this anti-oxidant serum. The more I test Aesop products, the more I like this brand, and apparently, I’m not the only one. In the early days of August, I came across one of their new shop while walking in Paris. This… Read more

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Braun CoolTec : our test

Braun is about to release a new electric shaver based on a refreshing technology: the CoolTec. Here is a model I really looked forward to test features, sensations and measure the efficiency. A challenge remains, beat the Braun Pulsonic I have been using for 5 years now! Gagdet or a real plus for sensitive skins?… Read more

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Shaving advices

Shaving is an art. People often learn it at their expense. I guess that everyone remembers holding a cotton packet to patch up a mangled skin. To avoid this happening again so you could fit to be seen on the morning and leave the cotton alone, let’s check all shaving tools options we have and… Read more

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Biotherm bronze High Recharge self-tanner

Last cosmetics I’ve been testing: the Power Bronze High Recharge from Biotherm, an anti-fatigue moisturizing gel with a small amount of self-tanning. As most of tanning products are usually too powerful for my white skin, I was really curious to see how this product would work! The High recharge range The anti-fatigue range from Biotherm… Read more

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66°30 face cleaner

Here is a cleaner I’ve been testing for few weeks. It is a face cleaner from the French cosmetics brand 66°30. A brand specialised in allergen-free organic skincare products. This product here is 99.4% made of natural ingredients among which 31.9% from organic farming. So, the care is made of aloe vera (soothes, moisturizes), willow… Read more

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Hairgum Move Matt Wax

the 25 April 2013 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

Since few weeks I use this wax coming from a little know brand which name speaks for itself: Hairgum. In 1989, the laboratory Ariland makes the hairwax revive in France through its brand Hairgum, providing hair professionals with equipment: waxes, gels and coloring products. Only recently, Hairgum expanded to a wider market and offers now… Read more

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For the launch of their new fragrance “Guilty Black”, the famous luxury brand Gucci have chosen Frank Miller to make their video campaign. For this one minute film, Sin City’s director used all the ingredients that made his success: black and white with touches of colors (red and green) for a sulphurous pair featuring Chris… Read more

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Philips Styleshaver pro

the 11 December 2012 by Joe the "tire-remover"

The Styleshaver Pro is one of the lastest shaving machines from Philips: a full-options beard trimmer ideal to style a 3-days beard or a clean shave. All comes with a nice design marked with Philips identity. Design and Ergonomics The trimmer looks a bit like a racing car with a metallic body and aerodynamic grip… Read more

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Tom Robinn Hyaluronic serum

It had been a long time since I had not tested anything from Tom Robinn. A French cosmetic brand which packaging has been redesigned since my first test. This product here is a hyaluronic serum. You may have heard about this barbaric term with hyaluronan (also called hyaluronic acid). Instead of collagen, this substance is… Read more

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