Beach Towels

The season for lazy afternoons on the beach has arrived. Whether the time on the towel is used to recover from the night before or to relax after a bitterly-disputed beach volleyball match, your towel should no longer have a giant portrait of Droopy in swimming trunks. The choice of beach towel(s) is difficult as there is a limited range.

And don’t say “I don’t have the time to buy one before the holiday, I’ll buy one when I’m there,” as you’re tempting disaster and you risk finding yourself on a towel with a dolphin with a wry smile jumping out of the water.

You need to take the initiative immediately. That’s why I’m showing you a range of towels to match with your finest shorts (I remind you, if need be, that Speedos are banned!)

Towel with message (€28 from Scirius)

Benetton butterfly towel (€45 from Grandes marques)


Sporty towel (€24.90 from Dress for less)

The Emmanuel Ungaro designer towel, perfect for wearing around your waist (€89 from Grandes marques)

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