Beach in Paris

Looks le 15 August 2013 par Tony the “Cement maker“

Once again, I have spent the largest part of this summer in Paris. It has some good sides. Firstly, the whole city is very calm, making you feel that you can have Paris for yourself: few people in transports, in the streets, in stores… Moreover, this year’s weather is really hot. So we went for a wander around Paris Plages on a heatwave day, looking for a few coolness. When people pronounce the word “beach”, I picture a ball. Most of the time, one afternoon at the beach can be split into two phases the nap and the games: ball, rackets, any kind of game, swimming… Well swimming in Paris remains a bit complicated. Jacques Chirac had announced something about this in 1988 yet: “In 1994, people would be able to swim in La Seine again. And I will be the first to do it.” That good old Jacques, he always has a joke on the tip of his tongue!

Tony relaxingTony Joga bonito

tony Galet Shoes

Palm Tree in Paris

Tony sunbath in Paris

view on La Seine

tony in paris plages

tony paris plages posing

McKeene Swimming trunks

tony paris plage volley

super the cove flat top

Shirt: ASOS
Boardshorts: Mackeene
Shoes: Galet
Sunglasses: Super
Vintage towel: Yves Saint Laurent

Photos by Jérôme Vivet
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