Band of Outsiders Oxford shoe

Selected le 3 September 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Band of Outsiders semi-brogue Oxford shoes

I desperately fell in love with this pair of Oxfords found at Oki-ni. To create those tan semi-brogues, Band of Outsiders did not make things halfway. And you can admire all their good work with such fine details on the cap toe, the multiples brogue stitchings and some contrasting off-white laces. Hand made in Italy, it tells a lot about how luxury those shoes are, to get, in the end, the perfect shape of a classic Oxford. With a 100% leather fabric of course! One last funny thing is the stamp left/right under each sole coming in different colors (red for the right and blue for the left) made to “prevent confusion”. Band of Outsiders, you old devils!

prix conseillé   £465

sur Oki-Ni

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Band of Outsiders

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