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We recently had the occasion to introduce you Balibaris. They firstly released jeans since their spring-summer 2012 collection. They are made of a Japanese raw selvedge fabric. For denim amateurs, it comes from Kuroki denim mills. More precisely, they used a slightly rigid 13oz raw denim for the whole range composed by a slim fit and a “new straight” cut. Then, jeans are assembled in Portugal, Europe. I have tested the “new straight”:

Whatever the size, only one length is proposed: 32. As for me, I firstly tried a slim in 31 (my usual size). It is actually really slim fitting from the thigh to the calves. So, if that’s what you’re looking for just take your usual size, but you’ll have to wait the jeans to stretch for more comfort. I personally opted for the “nouveau droit” style (new straight) which is still slim fitted (7,1″ leg opening) but “loose” enough so I could sit during the evening which is inconceivable the first day you wear too tight jeans :)

Last year I presented you what Balibaris called the ideal t-shirt. Here the brand made the “ideal jeans”: a nice raw rigid fabric that quickly stretches. The piece is nicely finished with a great cut. It features minimalist embossed flat buttons, rivets from the front and nice selvedge detail from a belt loop. Compared to last season, price has increased from €95 to €105 (to reflect raw material rise and because of a heavier denim). It still is a very good deal considering the price/quality ratio, probably the best you can make for around €100 ! A big “tested and approved” mention so. Jeans are available at their new shop in Paris, on and soon on

prix conseillé   €105

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