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As they just opened their first store Rue de Marseille, Paris, near Canal Saint-Martin, we thought this would be a perfect occasion to introduce you Balibaris, which is obviously one of our favourite French brand these times:

In 2010, the French brand Balibaris started with a precise idea: to revisit menswear essentials with nice fabrics and modern cuts. Such a catchy name comes from a Stanley Kubrick movie, Barry Lyndon, which inspired them in many points. Mainly, it was easy to remember and to divide into syllables so they could design their current logo.

The team is composed by three persons, one stylist, one graphic designer and Paul, Balibaris Creator. All of their clothes are made in Europe: France (t-shirts, socks, underwear), Italy (knitwear, shirts, ties, scarves), Scotland (cashmere), Portugal (trousers, shorts, denim, bags), in a concern of quality. And it works as their pieces last – at least two years for the moment – and stand many wash.

Balibaris is Made for the urban man who needs to dress seven days a week. Most of all, they care about creating hybrid pieces that can be worn in a formal context like during the weekend. Actually it all started with a tie collection (squared edge) which knew an immediate success. So step by step they decided to widen the accessory range with belts, bags and swimsuits. This lead to a complete closed today.

In a minimalist style, always close-fitted and built with quality materials is what best defines them. As I was telling, they have expanded their field of action for autumn-winter 2012 with heavier pieces: a 100% wool peacoat with leather buttons and details, raw selvedge jeans, quality knitwear pieces made of merinos or scottish wool and many wardrobe essentials.

Because clothing’s general quality currently decreases in a market ruled by “fast fashion”, their clothes are timeless and fairly priced: €30-€40 for a t-shirt and €350 for jackets and coats. If you happen to visit Paris, go to their shop, 14 rue de Marseille, 75006 where you can find the whole collection in an originally decorated area mixing vintage cinema items, books, and clothes. Another option is visiting at their online store :

Also check their video showing how they manufacture such good stuff.

ATELIER from Balibaris on Vimeo.

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