Ayurmen: intimity skincare for Men

Selected le 15 February 2011 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Few days ago I received skincare from a new french brand: Ayurmen. I’m used to test cosmetics, but this one is the most amazing one I’ve ever got! -What does “intimity skincare” mean?

“Apply locally on the skin of your genitals male thoroughly cleaned. Apply only on the testicles. Do not apply on the penis. External use only.”

-Wow, it’s a moisturiser for bollocks! Great!

More precisely is an anti-ageing. Ayurmen is a blend of mentha piperita leaf water, centella asiatica extract, colloidal gold, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, and olus oil lavandula oil. Louis Jourdain who launched the product worked 3 years on it. With Ayurmen your bollocks are protected, hydrated, revitalized and your skin is sweater!

Have I really tested it? For sure! I’ve been waiting for so long such an essential product! As a result, I’m really new man now: my bollocks have smell lavender :)

Get it for “only” €89 (30ml!) from www.vedacosmetique.com

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • http://www.frenchtruckers.com Jeampaul

    Most interesting product I must say. The ingredients look good, but make sure there are no parabens.