Autumn-Winter 2013 Trends

Trends le 10 September 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Fashion trends are continuously renewing, with designers sometimes simply “pouring new wine into old bottles”… OK, so that might be the obvious thing to say when starting an article about new trends, but it’s true! And it happens season upon season upon season. Don’t be surprised to see styles you have already seen year after year. For autumn-winter 2013, vintage will remain omnipresent: lumberjack, hunter, military – the sorts of inspirations we are used to seeing every time the cold season sets in. These looks will begin to explore fresh territory this year. Moreover, we can announce the end of 2013 is going to be trashy, kitsch, glam and many other quirky things too. Get prepared for a messy season!

The Style


The Scottish Highlands will bring a countryside-chic inspiration to this season’s trends. Hunting jackets, quilted jackets and duffle coats will be key pieces to be seen in once the temperatures begin to fall. Trousers and blazers will sport the traditional plaid pattern and should be combined with heavy knitwear pieces (such as turtlenecks). All these garments will come in khaki/camel/olive tones – classic hunting/fishing style!

woolrigh woolen mills ah13 highlander


A baroque look inspired by luxury is all set to emerge this season. On the programme: embroidery and gilding incorporated into contemporary garments like sweatshirts or jogging bottoms. Expect too to see many quirky prints on t-shirts and trousers. Garments will be both loose and fitted, with classic pieces mixed together with sportswear. Looks will be military-inspired, with garments based on mid 20th-century uniforms.

wood wood ah13 baroque

Urban sportswear

Sportswear has been under the spotlight for a few seasons now. This time around, this well-established trend will combine activewear and chic. Up till now the look has been dominated by themes inspired by nature, but it is about to head towards something way more urban. The colour palette will be tinged with black and touches of bright colours such as canary-yellow and electric blue. Futuristic themes will also emerge through metallic and silver tones, with more classic burgundy shades appearing too. Key pieces – parkas, sweatshirts, windrunners, and most of all the varsity jacket – will be teamed with minimalist trainers and fitted classic trousers.

gant rugger ah13 sportswear urbain

Tribal Lumberjack

Fringes, authentic prints, sheepskin… The long-established lumberjack is about to be inspired by Native American themes. Sitting somewhere between mountain cowboy and Canadian lumberjack, this season’s leading pieces will be sheepskin, suede and fur jackets. Corduroy will be everywhere as a great alternative to jeans. For feet the options will be plentiful: from authentic loafers to a good old pair of woodcutter boots (axe not included).

visvim ah13 bucheron tribal

Glam revival

As well as all those 100% glitter jackets and gemstone-embedded trousers which adorned the AW13 runways, glam rock-inspired trends are set to be big this season. The rules: be inspired by the New York Dolls or Bowie – but don’t copy them. Animal prints like leopard and zebra, now becoming acceptable for men as well as for women, are to be used sparingly. Expect to see studded denim jackets, jersey t-shirts and striped blazers as well. Do your best to keep this look chic, perhaps by using velvet, and stick to sober colours such as grey and burgundy. For a more rock-inspired look, team denim with your favourite biker jacket, patterned shirt and classic boots.

marc jacobs ah13 glam


Following on from last season, the military look will remain present this year. The trend will be embodied by aviator pieces (e.g. bomber leather jackets), long belted coats and cargo pants in khaki or olive. More classic garments such as short, olive-coloured coats with officer collars and reefer jackets will also form part of the military look. To avoid a full-on “camo” look, combine military pieces with accessories such as ties, pocket hankies and bags then mix the outfit up with coloured chino pants.

tendance militaire ah13


Strong outlines and loose cuts are terms that are reserved for haute couture. In real life, coats become either longer or shorter (there is no happy medium). Skinny jeans are living their last days of glory, and you can now wear straight cuts without being the out-of-date guy. Regardless of your inspiration, cuts get looser on the top and stay slim on the bottom.

Colors and fabrics

Colours and fabrics will be widely developed this season. Nothing is ever a real novelty, but autumn-winter 2013 will show matching like we have never seen it before. Warm colours appear every time the cold season begins, and this year is no exception. As for patterns, these will be like night and day, sometimes futuristic, sometimes vintage. Let’s get a closer look:

couleurs ah13


Full black

Black is THE colour of the season. Don’t worry, black doesn’t have to be boring! If you play around with different fabrics such as leather, wool, nylon, satin and velvet you will find plenty of pieces that fit in with the black trend perfectly.

Wintery tones
Winter usually requires wearing warmer colors, but this season will offer a more varied palette: greens (bottle, emerald, forest), browns (ranging from camel to rust, orangey tones even) and reds (brick and burgundy). Burgundy is set to be a real trend this season, and will be found on many clothes from suits through to sweaters.

Light brown
Tan will be a key colour this autumn. Chic and timeless, this classic colour will be appear on many men’s garments including leather jackets, blazers, corduroy trousers, shoes and coats.

Orange please

Designers have seen a lot of life in orange for autumn-winter 2013. This colour will be found on sweaters, parkas, and even coats from the runways down to ready-to-wear brands. Be discreet though, the last thing you want to do is look like…an orange.


Autumn-winter 2013 will be bursting with prints, ranging from the traditional plaid to leopard print. Let’s have a look at what’s to be found in this year’s collections:

imprimes ah13


Animal prints will be everywhere this season. Leopard, zebra and other exotic animal designs will mainly be found on jackets, t-shirts and accessories – use with precaution!


Camouflage has stood the test of time. Still very present this year, camouflage will appear in its many different guises on trainers, bags, trousers and jackets


Another key pattern, Scottish check or “plaid” will bring an oh-so British touch to our outfits this year, whether it be on blazers or trousers. Expect too to see other types of check such as houndstooth which can be worn on blazers (worn as separates – you don’t want people reaching for their sunglasses when they see you).


Squares, crosses, circles and triangles – all types of geometry will stand out this season. Whether they appear as large graphics on the chest that say “There’s only one Bermuda Triangle: me!”, or as full patterns.



Soft and elegant as ever, velvet will make a great comeback in all different shapes and sizes this season – bringing with it all of its romantic qualities. Velvet will be seen on a range of different garments such as jackets and trousers, with the colour burgundy set to dominate.

It may be the most striking trend this season, espacially smooth and black leather.


Scotland and wool go hand in hand, not only for the clothes on your back but also for the blanket you drape over your feet while you watch TV.

Key pieces

Bomber jackets

The bomber jacket is about to become the most popular it has been for the last 5-10 years. All brands have created their own version of this military-inspired aviation jacket, some in leather, some in wool, some patterned, some not. The choice is yours!

ami paris ah13 bomber


Varsity jackets continue to rock menswear collections. This year they have faded in colour and gained a darker, more minimalist spirit.

apc ah13 teddy

Biker jackets

Obviously, if you don’t have a leather jacket yet, this is time to get one. The Perfecto’s lovers won’t be disappointed a bit! We’ve already spotted few interesting pieces on lookbooks: from the belted “Tony Ramone” to the Rick Owens designer style.

edwin perfecto ah13

Long coats

Long coats keep disappearing and re-emerging from winter trends, and this year you can count them in! This type of coat is better adapted to tall people, and will be available in various shapes and colours this year. Long coats could fit for creating a casual look, teamed with a cable stitch sweater, and also can be worn more elegantly over a suit. Cuts will vary from loose to more fitted, and they will sometimes be belted as well.

carven ah13 manteau long

A massive scarf

This season’s scarves will be massive. Take note, enthusiasts!

The good old cap

The newsboy, or Parisian Kid (we call them “Titi” in France) cap is back for the autumn-winter 2013 season, ready to keep our heads warm in style during cold winter nights. It will often appear in tweed or check designs. Don’t go too mad with the vintage inspiration, please – you can leave out the braces, henleys and wool trousers…

Mark McNairy ah13 casquette

Backpacks (again)

Don’t have a backpack yet? There has never been more choice than right now, with all styles, shapes and fabrics available. It’s the perfect time to get yourself a new one!

rains backpack

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