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le Wednesday 28 March 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

It was impossible for me to keep shooting photos for French Truckers without stopping by Lyon. One part of my friends and family would have ended up holding it against me, I mean for forgetting their beloved city. Passing through Rhône and Saône, two weeks ago, I enjoyed a sunny weather to walk calmly along… Read more

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Home Sweet Home

le Sunday 12 February 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

The beginning of the year is most probably a time where we like to stay home, calmly, comfortably, wrapped up in some soft and warm fabrics. Recovering from last years’ adventures gulping down excessive amounts of subtly cooked dished is not exactly a picnic, you would certainly agree. Moreover, this period has to be braved… Read more

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Urban Exploration

le Wednesday 28 December 2011byTony the “Cement maker“

Town. Some like it, some hate it. It fascinates, never leaves unmoved. Wall are its limits, windows illuminate it. It is simple to get lost in it and even more to lose yourself into it. Better worth exploring it. Le chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture, this former circular railway connecting Paris’ main railroad stations,… Read more

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Autmn blue

le Wednesday 02 November 2011byTony the “Cement maker“

Summer has taken its French leave after having unexpectedly persisted till the early days of October. Leaves are starting to fall from the trees and I am feeling an irresistible need to snuggle up into a thick and comfortable cardigan. People often ask how to cloak themselves on mid-seasons, better not to think about it…. Read more

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Paris Vice

le Saturday 02 July 2011byTony the “Cement maker“

When travels are failing, TV shows broaden the mind. Especially those from the 1980′s improved mine. Miami Vice is to be considered like some show you don’t watch for the script but only because it is aesthetically pleasing (and to learn how to chat girls up). What if we were transposing Miami Vice in Paris… Read more

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Lyric cheerfulness

le Sunday 10 April 2011byTony the “Cement maker“

It was obvious that French Truckers’ path was going to cross La Gaîté Lyrique’s one. La Gaîté Lyrique, new Parisian cultural center, explores digital cultures in all their forms. That’s now our turn to explore La Gaîté Lyrique. In a relaxed outfit, between piqué cotton and linen, my adventures drove me to the historical center… Read more

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Saturday Morning

le Wednesday 16 March 2011byTony the “Cement maker“

Saturday mornings have a particular flavour. Temporal tripartite conflict opposing week habits to the difficulty of recovering from a festal friday night. Also coming into play: the deep wish to finally enjoy a day off. Saturday mornings are always moments where wandering soldiers try to rebuild the story of their night, the story of their… Read more

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Vintage T-shirts

le Saturday 01 November 2008byTony the “Cement maker“

If I say to you, “Dude, you rock!” and you reply “What? What’s the matter?!” I think you can skip to the next article to find your heart’s desire! Because this time, I’m talking about the collection of vintage t-shirts to end them all, one that makes all other t-shirts we’ve ever seen look like… Read more

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Cyclus Bags

le Saturday 27 September 2008byTony the “Cement maker“

School’s back, so you might want to buy yourself a new bag. Although Tann’s has brought out restyled bags, we recommend Cyclus bags. Aside from the fact they’re the perfect size for your Mac, these bags are also unique in their design process that recycling fans will adore! Cyclus bags are in fact made from… Read more

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Snorgtees t-shirts

le Monday 15 September 2008byTony the “Cement maker“

You always need good t-shirts. If you run out of ironed shirts in your wardrobe, stick on a t-shirt, a velvet jacket and you’re ready to face a hard day at work or a night of debauchery. A t-shirt with a well-chosen message can even spark off unexpected situations. It’s often difficult to avoid abysmal… Read more

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