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Tourist in Lyon

le Wednesday 06 February 2013byTony the “Cement maker“

Place Bellecour is not even the nicest square in the World but it still remains the most emblematic place of Lyon. We crossed it many times during our full-team weekend there, whether it was in the deep night after a crazy party or during the day to go from shop to shop. We went there… Read more

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My party outfit

le Monday 31 December 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

New Year’s Eve and all those party dinners surrounding these “marathon gastronomic times” are many occasion to dress with care. Road to the “Hidden Hotel” then, with its wood-bronze ornaments immersing us into the NYE atmosphere. I am waiting for the party to begin, near the hearth, with a glass of Champagne. I have left… Read more

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Cashmere and leather

le Friday 21 December 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

A nice leather jacket is a wardrobe staple a man has to own once in his life. Can’t override this! Until now I had never really found a leather jacket meeting my expectations, transcending me. I’m not a fan of smooth leathers with thick ribs, maybo too common. When I came across this wet looking… Read more

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Like father, like son

le Monday 03 December 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

It has been a while that I’m thinking about trying some photo series with my father. Fashion also is about inheritance. This not only means inheriting a wardrobe – my father is much taller than me, a shame – but also a way to comprehend fashion over creators, “miracle workers” from big Parisian houses. Growing… Read more

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10 tips to kiss a girl you already know

le Wednesday 21 November 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

Here we are. Dates, diner are all very well, but a time finally comes when you have to kiss. Unfortunately guys, this has to be your own initiative. A girl who grabs your neck and kisses you savagely does not make you virile, comforting and self-confident. So how to do it? That’s a good question…. Read more

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le Saturday 10 November 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

Streetwear isn’t a word ringing harmoniously to fashion purists’ ears. But it is a fact, creativity comes from the street. Podiums have an influence, that is true, but many times I wished I had Scott Shuman’s talent shooting fellows, striding the macadam along. Some boys just concerned about their style, always getting C’s or D’s… Read more

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Rendez-vous Singulier

le Tuesday 30 October 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

Unique, singular a rendez-vous can be. The attraction of any rendez-vous lies more in the uncertainty surrounding it than the linear way it takes place, filled with dullness one would forget as soon as his glass would empty. Amnestic content for a meeting which unpredictable verdict settles from anonymous signs, imaginative metaphysics… The creation of… Read more

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Half green, half summer

le Tuesday 31 July 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

It is a fact, some of you may not bear this, but green has emerged as a key color this summer. I am not telling green is like any ad song Coke were inflicting us during the 90′s (I pretty sure I can win a lawsuit reminding any judge that we could hear Wes –… Read more

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Bleu, blanc, rouge…

le Tuesday 19 June 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

Last sunday was election day in France, a day like no other. Either you are an active militant or a responsible abstainer, all discussions were about it these days. As everyone was covering them, we thought we could make it our own way, by shooting a special “bleu-blanc-rouge” outfit, all composed by French brands. See… Read more

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Kreutzberg, Berlin

le Saturday 12 May 2012byTony the “Cement maker“

Sometimes you just can’t explain why… mi-season breaks can only go well, like my weekend in Berlin in March. The unusual sun for this part of the year has been kind of a “red thread” for our stay. I have been visiting Berlin regularly these last few years and I have really never seen such… Read more

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