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March LAB for Timefy

le Monday 19 August 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

To celebrate their exclusive retailing presence on Timefy, the French watches brand March LA.B wished to mark the occasion. They have created a limited edition of their AM1 watch, first model ever launched by the brand in 2011. This edition called AM1 Electric Memogold comes with a 37mm atypical rounded case, a mineral class and… Read more

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Super The Cove summer 2013 Collection

le Sunday 18 August 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

If we like Super Sunglasses, apart from their premium materials and quality manufacturing, it is most of all because they are the only optical brand to offer new products each season, just like a fashion brand would work. For summer 2013, their leading theme is California its summer colors. Like a tribute to surfer’s coolness,… Read more

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How to dress for a baptism, for a communion

le Saturday 17 August 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Summer is usually a period of the year when you receive invitations to all celebrations like baptisms, communions, bar mitzvah… and every time, a question necessarily comes: “what am I going to wear for this party, halfway between formal and informal?” In doubt, know that better being dressed too elegantly than the contrary. No one… Read more

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The Baguette Bag by Cyan

le Wednesday 14 August 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Some of you dreamt about it so many times, the others never dared even thinking about it, VIctoria Panyukova and Peter Mamchich, the creators of the brand Cyan (both with a stong experience in the fashion industry, it has to be said) are trying to launch the Baguette bag, the first bag ever created to… Read more

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Eastpak Miami Nice Series

le Tuesday 13 August 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Eastpak was one of the early brands to dare using colorful prints on their products. It was in the late 1980s, more precisely in 1987 that they launched the Miami Nice print, this bright and summery inspiration with palm trees, islands, waves and the sea. Le most famous backpack brands has decided to relaunch this… Read more

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Quiksilver Custom Boardshorts

Since summer 2011, one of the most emblematic boardshorts brands (if not THE most) offers some customization options. Through a dedicated platform on their webshop and in few of their official stores, Quiksilver added a “Custom Boardshort” offer where you can customize all parts of your boardshorts, even their shape. If you don’t have found… Read more

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La Boqueria, Barcelona

le Wednesday 24 July 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Bienvenidos a la Boqueria, the most famous covered market of Barcelona. Here, stores are open 24/7. The market’s origins dates back to the 13th century. Since then, it has established on this square, two steps from the equally famous Rambla. Its aisles are full of onlookers, whether they are tourists or Catalan searching for some… Read more

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History of boardshorts

le Wednesday 10 July 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

Summer has finally come, and everyone can now start to enjoy some hot waves, even in the Mediterranean sea! Let’s take boardshorts out of our closet now. Though they were created for surfing, boardshorts have expanded to a wider public over the years. Well, try not to show off exaggerately if the last time you… Read more

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10 German blogs you should know

le Tuesday 09 July 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

After France, Spain and Italy, let’s follow up the trip of our favorite fashion blogs around Europe. This week, as the Berlin fashion week just ended, we felt like stopping in the country of poets and thinkers : Germany. Actually, there are many fashion enthusiasts, lifestyle sharers and every other type of bloggers in this… Read more

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What is selvedge denim?

le Sunday 30 June 2013byRomano as "the garagerocker"

“Selvedge” is a word that you probably heard many times if you are directly or indirectly interested in trousers, jackets, shirts and everything else made with denim. Where does it come from? Why is this word never off jeans amateur’s lips? Let’s start with the beginning, by definition selvedge is the contraction of “Self Edge”,… Read more

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