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Lanvin blue suede sneakers

le Thursday 28 March 2013byAdel as "the fireman"

The purchase of a new pair of sneakers involves many feeling, much more than a simple mercantile relation between a man and the product standing in front of him, more than a manufacturing process, even though those Lanvin were perfectly made: ever hard-wearing Italian sole sewn to a subtle, soft suede upper, the whole handcrated… Read more

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Chimala trench coat

le Saturday 30 June 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

Taking inspiration for the 50′s and the 70′s, Japan-made brand “Chimala” (meaning beauty in native american) has been making quality and well-tailored clothes since 2006. This is a quite outstanding trench coat; it has a  sweet oldschool design and tone as if it came out right from some the 70′s British tv shows. Worn with… Read more

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Adidas Gazelle: Multilifestyle icon

le Wednesday 20 June 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

Let me introduce you today one of the freshest Adidas sneakers. Launched 40 years ago in the market, these sneakers have first gone through different stages before reaching the expected iconic status: sports, skateboard, hip-hop, then fashion. What we are dealing with today is the real story of the classic Adidas Gazelle. In 1968 Adidas… Read more

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Le Laboureur brown wool jacket

le Thursday 10 May 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

Made in the pure French tradition in the Bourgogne region Le Laboureur’s 100% wool jackets are so untouched and natural that they seem to grow directly from the soil. A piece of France to take away. Here is a something to check out for those who anticipate next Fall. The truth is that I’m impressed… Read more

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APC Djellabah t-shirt

le Wednesday 09 May 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

I’ve always liked APC mens clothes. It’s one of the few brands that shows best the mediterranean spirit in their collections. Jean Touitou’s Tunisian origins must be a tremendous inspiration and it is something that I value a lot. I find this djellabah t-shirt defines well the mediterranean identity today, it’s the meeting point of… Read more

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Han Kjobenhavn tank top

le Tuesday 08 May 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

If the new Han Kjobenhavn tank top could speak for itself, it would probably say something like “Je vais à la plage”. Yeah I know this is also what most foreigners like to say when they start learning French. The truth is # “Je vais à la plage” is more than just a sentence, it’s… Read more

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SUPER Panama Matte

le Saturday 21 April 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

Handmande in italy, featuring brown Zeiss tinted lenses, the new Super Panama Matte deep blue sunglasses look pretty fun. Evoking the tropical spirit of surf and Hawaiian shirts, this is actually a cool accessory that nicely matches the exotic fashion trends that we see out there these days. Old school and definitely summerish! Available at… Read more

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Pierre Balmain leather jacket

le Monday 16 April 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

One of my siblings recently told me about how leather was represented in the Cinéma, from the late 60′s epic film Easy Rider to 80′s post-apocalyptic Mad Max. In both cases, leather is intimately mingled with the road, rebellion, freedom and some kind of perfection. Pierre Balmain’s black leather jacket is the perfect-o example. For some reasons I have… Read more

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Bleu de Paname Polo de Plage

le Sunday 15 April 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

As a French southerner I can’t stay insensitive to anything reminding me of the sea. Parisian brand Bleu de Paname has just uploaded on their facebook page three beachy T-shirts from their SS12 collection “Littoral” literally meaning coastal. Combining the spirit of workwear with the sailor style, these t-shirts are the translation of having a… Read more

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Ami Paris SS 12

le Saturday 07 April 2012byAdel as "the fireman"

After working for luxury brands  (Dior, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs) 30 year-old fashion designer Alexandre Matiussi decided 2 years ago to launch his own ready-to-wear brand “Ami”, a clothing concept for men who want to look dressed up but not too pompous. Ami first got spotted during the Paris Fashion week in 2011. Getting positive feedbacks,… Read more

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