Arpenteur : made in Lyon, France!

Arpenteur is one the few brands which entire collections are made in France. Because we dig their style and concept we decided to go meet Arpenteur’s young designers Laurent and Marc at Capsule Paris. They are from Lyon and they came especially to Paris to present their FW 12 collection.

Arpenteur’s creative vision offers a quite contemporary fashion interpretation of a time period, specifically from the 20’s to the 50’s. The main features of their collection are fine army garnments and workwear. Sportswear is also revisited with a distinctive Arpenteur twist. If you think this is just another vintage brand, you got it all wrong! All the materials and the production are French! From the region Pays de la Loire (shirts) to Nord Pas-de-Calais (trousers and shorts), the workshops involved in the process have a solid experience in the creation of work clothes.

Done with a great care using quality materials, each garnment gets better with time. Arpenteur style is minimalist, subtly enriched  with very pleasing details such as in their twill trousers (waistband and corozo-made buttons), shorts (adjustable waistband without belt), cotton jackets, and shirts (classic three button collar).

We also surely appreciated their universe: Arpenteur brilliantly captures authenticity  of the hunting background to retranscribe it in their brand image.  You can already find some of their articles at Couverture & The Garbstore but there are more to come in the upcoming days. We’re looking forward to it ;)

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