APRIL 77 In Bloom

Selected le 19 March 2012 par Adel as "the fireman"

“Yeah I’ll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone”. That’s what pop duo act MGMT sang in their psychedelic collage video “Time to pretend” when it came out it in 2008.
A Youth Anthem was declared; the four-minute track is an epic rock invitation to celebrate youth, life experimentation, and delirious fun… It certainly smells like teen spirit if you catch my drift here… April 77 must have a pretty clear Idea about it

Indeed, French denim brand April 77 just launched their new SS12 collection “In Bloom”. Using psychedelic patchworks and unconventional postures, artist photographer Maciak Pozoka brilliantly captures the rebellious and misunderstood youth echoed in Time to pretend.

Unlike most lookbooks, worn-out Converse, ripped skinny jeans, cigarettes, tattoos, and anti-pose teen models are all over April 77’s arty lookbook. Clothes, music and photography make one in this concept and we sure appreciate April 77’s effort to propose a complete universe around their hazy, smoke-filled skinny jeans ;)

To check out April 77 collection here and Maciek Pozoga’s videos here

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