APC Petit Standard

Want to hear about some nice raw jeans? Check out those ones from APC, they are definitely my favourite ones. If I had to pick a pair above all jeans brands, I’d really choose this one my eyes closed. Proud owner of ones, I can say that they’re really rigid and that you have multiple methods to keep the raw selvedge in good conditions. Low rised, the fit is just perfect. To finish, the price is really affordable for so much quality. I grade them 20/20.

£119 from Endclothing

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  • David Bryant

    I've got to agree with you F.T…I've got Jeans that cost twice as much as the Jeans featured, RR, Nudie, Kicking Mule, and the quality and fit is nowhere close to the A.P.C's! Best Jeans I've ever owned!