APC corduroy jacket

This APC jacket is exactly the kind of lasting purchase that must be acquired during any sales period. It is quite typical of what can be expected from APC, chic, fitted and marked with the French brand details.

Basically, it is shaped like a typical denim jacket, very short, with a flat pleat along the fastening area – just like in a Levi’s type 1 jacket – which APC has chosen zipped. The jacket also have one flat chest pocket with a stud and finished with double sitching. Cuffs also have a press stud, in an embossed metal. 100% cotton, coming in a navy color and a contrasting brown collar the jacket looks warm enough for mid-season times.

Most of all, we love its general render mixing three tones. The use of metallic touches helps giving something “nasty” while keeping the elegant aspect of corduroy. To wear it, Ssense shows us the right way: a checked shirt, dark grey trousers and a pair of white sneakers.

prix soldé   $227 $325

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