Anthony Peto Hat

Selected le 17 September 2009 par Joe the "tire-remover"


This Anthony Peto hat looks great! It’s a real felt hat in rabbit fur with a black polyester ribbon. Perfect for the beginnin of Autumn…

prix conseillé   £89

sur Oki-Ni

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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Anthony Peto

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  • Big and Tall Clothin

    We just don't wear enough hats anymore. I need more hats. Just followed you on Twitter by the way. Love the site.

  • wedding photographer

    I love seeing all the different hats at weddings. People really look wonderful in them. This one is really cool. Like a bowler in some respects. I would love one.

  • Graham

    Wear with a cool blazer, this hat would compliment a suave man's wardrobe. Or even a tartan blazer, a hat and blazer combo is certainly unique!