Android Homme Craft Sneakers

It’s been few times that I am looking for a quality pair of low sneakers which price is not prohibitive. I have finallly found them from Android Homme. The brand is quite recent, it was launched in 2008. Till now, Android Homme was only distributed in the US, step by step they are coming in Europe. Regarding my choice, this once I went for the Craft Lo model.

The sneaker comes in an original “blugrey” color which name speaks for itself. On the contrary as what you can see on the pictures, its patina finish remains very sober. By the way, notice that all leathers are chosen in Italy, and that the production which was formerly located in Hong Kong has moved to the Boot since this summer.

About the cap toe, you either like it or you don’t, just see how finely finished it is. Like the whole shoe actually: whatever it is for the stitchings, the white heel counter echoeing the cap toe, or details like the sober logo from the tongue. What is going to delight purists: sole is sewed. One last noticeable thing, the inside lining is leather made. It hurts a bit from the heel at the first days but after a week I am a totally fullfilled man!

€110 from Flavor Park

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