American Apparel Hoodie

As spring has been slow to arrive, how do you fancy a hoodie? I will show you a selection of a few good brands so you don’t catch a cold during this rather temperamental end-of-season weather. The first in the series is from American Apparel.


They’re well known for their basics and their premium quality, and American Apparel offer a wide range of products, from t-shirts to jeans, ladies’ tights and mens’ underwear. They offer a wide choice of quality stuff. Another unique point, not to be scoffed at either, is that all their products are made and produced in Los Angeles. A little slice of American class! As recognition of this, each garment is labelled “Made in downtown Los Angeles”!

As for their hoodies, there’s nothing too unusual, they’re a little thin, they’re neither too bling or too cheap looking, with a good balance of the subtle and the simple, using block colours and well-finished styles. Now all you need to do is to choose the right colour…from €45! Available from their stores or online.

More coming in the next few days… Stay tuned!

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • archie

    Bought one of these in their 'peppered grey' colour a month ago and just so worth it; looks cool zipped or with a T-shirt showing so good for all year round, rediculously comfy and can wear with almost anything.

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