Ally Capellino Satchel

Forget all these bags you choose according to the brand’s image! Ally Capellino wants you to appropriate its items, to mould them to your personality so the bags could become entirely yours. She proposes basics, with uncluttlered design and fabrics getting better with age. The most standing out line from them is the waxed cotton one, in which we can find this Danny satchel. Funny thing : models all have a human name.

Anyway, I just got the bag (it’s been a month), and, first impression, it looks sturdier than expected. The waxed cotton is really thick, alowing to carry some heavy items like a camera. Regarding the style, any colorway you pick, the mixing of three colors is just perfect and tastefully chosen. I went for the blue one, looking like denim (personal tastes). Nevertheless, there’s something wrong with it : they could have put some more compartments inside, my stuff is a little bit messy! Well, tested and approved.

prix conseillé   £155

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Ally Capellino

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